Creative economy for local community


Creative Industries Agency And British Council in Moscow welcome to the forum “Creative economy for local community” which is hold in the framework of Creative Cities and Creative Economy projects. The forum will take place on 12th February at 18.30 at the British Council office (1, Nikoloyamskaya str, Moscow).  
Collaboration with local people is a serious challenge for Russia. It is still very difficult to rise their interest even to the most original and perspective projects and to involve them into active work.
The participants of the forum – Russian and European experts in urban planning and entrepreneurship - will share their experience and tell about their most successful initiatives.


Cees Donkers, Netherlands, Gemeinte Eindhoven

Cees Donkers is the leading urban designer of Eindhoven, Netherlands, founder of the Architectural Centre of Eindhoven. Cees graduated from Technical University Eindhoven, faculty of Architecture and urban design. He took part in the number of large-scale projects, such as Masterplan former Philips sites (Witte Dame), Masterplan Smalle Haven (Jo Coenen), Piazza and 18 September. In 1991 he got the National Prize from minister for maintenance. In 2008-2010 in close partnership with the number of institutes he coordinated the researching programme City as a Laboratory. For several years he worked for the E+ atelier, in 2008 he found the E+ academy for students. Since 2005 Cees has been organising the Dutch Design Week. Some of his later projects are: foundation of the Brabant online Academy for the whole Province of Brabant, 4Apostolen Kerk

Cees will share his experience on working with local community in the framework of his projects devoted to Eindhoven development. In 1982 Cees grounded the White Village Maintenance Fund (build in 1937 by architect W.M Dudok), which became a National Monument of the Netherlands in 2001. After such a success he and his team, where the local people were involved, started a debate cafe (QAFE) in the theatre building. In 1990s he worked on his most famous project – urban development plan for Eindhoven. The key point of the plan was redevelopment of the White Lady (the former Philips factory) into the centre for contemporary art. The project was put into action with the help of the citizens. Cees will also tell about his working experience in the education field: he prepared the redevelopment plan for Joris College, which was also implemented with the help of people from the neighborhood.

Martin Stockley, UK Martin Stockley Associates

BSc (Hons) King’s College University of London.Chairman Places Matter! North West Design Review Panel. CABE Space Strategic Enabling Panel Member. CABE Crossrail Design Review Panel Member Formerly. CABE Schools Design Review Panel Member. MADE (Midlands) Design Review Panel Member. English Heritage and CABE Urban Panel Member. Bath Urban Regeneration Panel Member. Martin has worked in Civil and Structural Engineering for over thirty years on a great range of projects.  In February 1997 he set up Martin Stockley Associates in Manchester later adding a further studio in London. Martin cares passionately about the quality of both the buildings and the public realm and infrastructure of cities, towns and rural areas.  This stems from a knowledge that engineering can be much more than a means of achieving functional aims. His early work in major civil engineering taught him that far from trying to control the forces of nature, engineering is better aimed at working with nature.

New Islington; The Re-Making Of A Community”  Martin Stockley will tell about his collaboration with local community in the framework of the New Islington project. The project was devoted to New Islington district urban planning. Martin Stockley Associates consulted local people at the master plan stage to understand their needs and interests and the agency continues to do so through the stages of the project. Being really enthusiastic about making New Islington the dream-place of Manchester, Martin and his team are also sensitive of the need to preserve the soul of the people who have lived there for generations. Martin will show the most successful examples of this joint work. “This is the story about the renaissance of Manchester. This is the story about the community with a strong heart and a brave soul. This is a story about trying to make things better.”


Nikolay Pryanishnikov, Experimental Project Research institute

Еxpert, trainer, specialist in architecture, engineering, strategic urban planning, urban environment and social business. Head of the Experimental Project Research institute. Expert of the “Pushkin library” and “New Eurasia” foundations, member of the jury panel at the grant competition organised by Russian Ministry for culture.
Author of the numerous publications about city history, urban development and culture management. Nikolay will share his experience of work with local community in different Russian regions, such as Tula region (Krapivna town), Khabarovsk region (Chegdomyn town) and Komy-Permiatsky region (Perm city). The majority of his project were organised in partnership with the School for library leadership.

On 13 of February, 2011 Martin Stockley and Cees Donkers are giving public lectures within The Laboratory in Petrozavodsk